Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Visit to Flooded Residents in Isleworth

On Saturday 14th August I went down to the site of the burst water main in London Road, Isleworth, to see first-hand the effects of the massive flooding in the area.

Residents of 65 nearby homes have been temporarily re-housed at a local hotel, including 40 sheltered flats at Fenn House. I took the opportunity to visit these residents on Saturday, at their temporary hotel accomodation. I wanted to find out how they, and Thames Water, were coping with the devastating water damage and to offer help and support.

I was glad to meet local residents who have had a very difficult few weeks as a result of the water damage to their homes and it was useful to hear first-hand about the difficult situation in which they find themselves. A number of issues arose from our meeting, and we will work hard to help as much as we can to support residents as much as possible during this distressing time.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Playday Celebrated in Brentford

Yesterday I took part in the local Playday, which was held in St Paul's Recreation Ground, on Lateward Road, Brentford. Locally coordinated by Alix Reeves of Westplay, the event saw a wide range of fun and engaging activities for children of all ages. Amongst other things, youngsters enjoyed participating in face-painting, t-shirt decorating, hat-making, steel drum playing, bubble blowing and real-life table football. Catering was organised by the Cafe of St Paul's Church in Brentford.

I met a team from Chiswick and Brentford Your Extended Services (YES), who were on hand to give information on Hounslow Council's Extended Services scheme (past events have included yoga for exam-age children, paediatric first aid courses and a Healthy Cooking Club). I also enjoyed lunch from the St Paul's Church Cafe, where I hold regular surgeries.

Playday is the annual celebration of children's right to play, coordinated by Play England. It is an annual campaign where, each year, thousands of children and young people get out and play at locally organised events, encouraging the development of community feeling in the process.

I think this is a wonderful initiative. Play is an essential part of every child's life and is vital to their development. When I was a child, we were able to play freely in the streets and in the parks, and enjoy the great outdoors. Many children now do not get that opportunity.

The event was a chance for children to have a wonderful time together in a safe environment, and gives the community an occasion to come together. I look forward to seeing similar events locally in the future. Well done to the Playday team and the local volunteers!