Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Support for Gurkhas

On Saturday, I visited Dharma Tamang, the President of the Hounslow Branch of GAESCO (Gurkha Army Ex Servicemens Organisation).

Mr Tamang did a fantastic job last week on the Gurkhas' campaign when he appeared at the Home Office Select Committee to discuss Gurkha entry and residence rights. He then fought alongside Joanna Lumley in the campaign for ensuring there is justice for Gurkhas in allowing them stay in the UK.

I went to see him as I wanted to show my support to him and the work he is doing. I believe that people who fight for our country should have the right to come and live in our country. Former Gurkhas, and other foreign-born ex-service personnel, have already contributed to our society, and have therefore earned the right to come here. I am delighted that a Conservative Government would allow pre-1997 Gurkhas the right to settle in the UK.

Photo: Mary Macleod with Dharma Tamang and Cllr Paul Lynch in Hounslow